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    Spiritual Lifetime Enrichment Ministry

    The Spiritual Lifetime Enrichment Ministry is a continuous study of the Word of God in
    designated capture specific experiences, circumstances and conditions that are commonly
    not addressed in a holy atmosphere. Utilizing the Word of God, we will be able to assist in
    finding some form of resolution/solution to these concerns. The Spiritual Lifetime
    Enrichment will ensure a change in individuals] lives or lifestyles that will benefit not
    only the individual but also the community. In addition to learning in holiness and
    righteousness, they will also address personal, economic, social, physical, and financial
    enrichment as well.

1st Sunday     Married Couples Enhancement Ministry
Class is designed for married couples who desire to learn the principle secret to a fruitful relationship according to
God.  It will identify the role of the husband and the role of the wife as God had designed it and how the two are to live
in oneness.   It will involve group discussion on issues that the class choose to discuss.

2nd Sunday     Singles Maintenance & Fulfillment Ministry
Class is designed to assist men and women in understanding the importance of relying on God for total direction,
strength and understanding for a fulfilled life in Christ. It will involve group participation, discussions and role playing.

3rd Sunday     Youth Empowerment Progressive Ministry
Class strive in providing youth leaders with tools to effectively mobilize the youth ministry.  An exchange of ideas and
brainstorming techniques will take place to project more cohesiveness among the entire youth department.

4th Sunday     Leadership Development Evangelistic Ministry
This class identifies and/or determines your area/level of ministry. It has been said that to be an effective leader,
you need good people to lead. This class will suggest ways to motivate others so that your goals and objectives
will be easier to achieve. It will also provide responsibilities and ministry expectations, role and utilization of spirituaL

5th Sunday      Adjutant & Ministers Servanthood Ministry
Class is designed to prepare God's Armor Bearer for the servant of God (Pastor). It will provide the necessary
tools to successfully and effectively administer to the need of the servant of God. This class will assist the
adjutant in learning and implementing their role and responsibilities to the servant of God. They will ensure that
the servant of God receives love, protection, encouragement, strength, prayer and other needs that the servant of
God may have.


Each class is guided by biblical references as directed by the facilitator/team leader.

Classes are January
7, 2018 to July 29, 2018