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    The now Commerce Boulevard Christian Church has indeed been on a mission from God.  Our history goes back
    to when the original church was destroyed in a tornado in 1955.  The Lord placed it upon the heart of a man who
    saw the need for God’s people to have a place to worship.  The new building, built in April 1956 for the Commerce
    Community, is still standing and is known as the Youth Center.  That particular building was dedicated to God with
    a special ceremony before friends, neighbors, and love ones.  

    Today and forever, we thank God for the Late Mr. S. R. Leatherman who had a heart of love to rebuild the church
    building for worship for the people who survived the storm and remained in the community.  Many generations
    today continue to follow his footsteps by supporting the church and its goal and vision.

    There lay a corner stone in the Youth Center to represent the foundation of a church and community that will
    always be as one.  The original Deacons' names on this cornerstone are: Deacon H. O. Williams, Deacon M.
    Bradley, Deacon R. L. Windum, Deacon Henry Naylor, Deacon B.T. Ivory,  Deacon Willie Marbley, and Deacon R.
    L. Walker.

    In April 1991, all weekly services, such as Bible Class and Sunday School were reenergized by then known as Sis. Evelyn Hubbard and the late
    Deacon Edward Hubbard.  It was through this ministry that the Community Outreach ministries were established.  These Outreach ministries
    include the Tunica County Jail and Tunica Convalescent Center (Tunica Nursing Home).  A major accomplishment was made on July 4, 1999,
    when the Commerce Baptist Church went to full-time ministry having worship service every Sunday.  Our services have extremely expanded since
    that time.   In March 2000, we adopted Casual & Youth Sunday, the 3rd Sunday in the month.  In July 2000, Deacon Edward Hubbard established
    our Brotherhood Sunday, which is the 4th Sunday in every month.  In December 2003, Minister Evelyn Hubbard was elected the First Female
    Pastor in the County and officially installed in February 2004.  "Jamming for Jesus," our youth bible ministry, was established in October 2004.  

    The Commerce Church Family saw that we were heading for a higher direction and a vision had been given to our Pastor.  It was time to let things
    of the past go and for all things to become new.  The Lord gave our Pastor the vision of a new name for the church.   In December 2004, the
    church family agreed to change the name to COMMERCE BOULEVARD CHRISTIAN CHURCH.  The church made a milestone when we built this
    new edifice in 2005 and dedicated the building to God on September 4, 2005.  In January 2008, we started the Children’s Church Ministry that is
    held in the Youth Center on Sundays.    This resulted from the increase of children attending Morning Worship Services.  In August 2008, we
    instituted the After School Program for children in the community.  In February 2009, the church started a Health & Wellness Ministry.  In addition
    to the ministries, we have the Bus Ministry, CD Ministry, Couples and Singles Ministry, Health Moments, Vacation Bible School (annually), Boys to
    Men Ministry, and participation with the Tunica Ten Point Coalition.  On February 3, 2013, CBCC decided to broaden the ministry from a more
    global perspective and launched our website,

    The Lord has once again giving us dedicated Deaconate Staff, who are faithfully carrying on the mission.  These men of God are:
    Deacon James Butts, Deacon Willie Jones, Deacon John Hines, Deacon Rodney McKay, Deacon John Keys, and Deacon Carlos Smith. We are
    blessed to have a dedicated Deaconess Staff who are faithful.  These women of God are: Sis Luella Anderson, Sis. Bessie Pearson, and Sis.
    Darlene West, and Sis. Marilyn Jones. Our Motherboard consists of Mother Katie Richardson, Mother Willie Lee Coffer,  Mother Maella Carr, and
    Mother Dorothy West.   

    The Leadership for the Commerce Baptist Church has consisted of five Pastors over 62 years and going forward.  They were as follows:  

    1956-1971           Rev. W. H. Walker
    1971-1985           Rev. A.B. Triplett
    1985-1997           Rev. John Eddie Taylor
    1997-2003           Rev. Richard Gates
    2003-present       Pastor Evelyn W. Hubbard

    The CBCC family continues to support the community in many different capacities.  We are truly grateful to God for blessing us and using us as a
    Light for The World.  
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